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Sydney has been great the second time around. The first time I came here was for work in April. Since it was my second week, there wasn’t much time to see or do anything.

This past week, I moved here for a big integration project. I expected it to be heavy. I was wrong. It’s been quite refreshing to discover new places, meet people, and become immersed in a new city.

I’m almost wishing I could move here permanently. I’m pretty sure it would spoil the sense of adventure if I really did, but there are some good reasons for considering it:

  1. The people here are the right mix of friendly and quirky.
  2. The minimum wage is 4x that of the US, so people are actually treated fairly, happier, and enjoy work.
  3. Work life balance. 8:30-5:30pm is a hard deadline.
  4. Coffee shops.
  5. Great bar scene.

Obviously can’t take this experience for granted since this is an externally funded trip. Still, it was nice to see this slice, and to know that there is a possibility.


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